Frequently Asked Question

What Is Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture (PA) is a concept with a set of dynamically evolving different techniques. PA is not new, but it is only in a few countries that PA is adopted to relevant degrees (AU, USA, CA, EU, BR). In others the adoption of PA is growing. Since 1996, a large mixed farm in Germany has been constantly implementing and developing its’ own solutions in PA across the farm. Precision agriculture and its intelligent techniques for detecting organic matter arrived on the scene at the end of the 20th century, with the aim of optimizing investments and returns in crop production. It thus offers a sustainable solution to irregularities in crop growth, volatile agricultural prices and damage to the environment.


Knowledge management and decision making:

The general strategy is to achieve the best possible economic returns from the arable land and maintain the product quality at the same time. This does not mean that the grower is looking only for the lowest cost. Dominating the production are long term goals to achieve highest profits, high efficiency of resource use in the production and effectiveness of the land management. In order to achieve these goals, growers continuously tap into a large number of own historical databases and continuously nourish their own knowledge sources.