Frequently Asked Question

What makes the MicaSense™ Multispectral Sensor better than other products?


The MicaSense™ RedEdge® multispectral cameras are capable of capturing discrete spectral bands including blue, green, red, red edge and near infrared. An RGB standard colour image is composed from the Red Green and Blue bands and Geo-Referenced. Coupled with a GPS receiver, the MicaSense™ RedEdge® sensor is able to geotag imagery in all spectral bands over the course of a flight. Because multi-spectral image contrast varies throughout the day, due to changes in sun angle and intensity, the system also employs a sun sensor.  This sensor matches current sunlight levels with the corresponding imagery allowing the value of spectral images to be confirmed. Unlike other precision agriculture systems that don’t accommodate for sun intensity, the MicaSense™ RedEdge® sensor allows for operations in any and various sunlight conditions. This capability is crucial when mapping larger farms that require multiple runs at various times of day. Once downloaded, the individual passes are correlated to provide a holistic map of the entire area.
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) based precision agriculture is a relatively new industry for farmers that are seeking new and innovative ways to monitor their crops. Multispectral sensing allows farmers to capture visual data on crop conditions including hydration models, biomass, and crop distribution.  Using this information, the farmer can then make projections for irrigation, fertilizer distribution and crop yields.  Such data points are crucial to the farming industry and will continue to improve as sensors become more advanced and prolific.