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Multispectral Imagery & Sensors

Multispectral imagery, the newest of these agricultural techniques, provides the user with unrivaled information on the condition and development of his crops. The farmer can use it to optimize his input and estimate his return. The recent arrival of agricultural drones triggered a revolution in the use of this technique.

The different models of multispectral sensors vary in terms of size, number of on-board sensors and integrated technologies. The most recent development in this cutting-edge technology, the Sequoia multispectral sensor, is revolutionizing remote sensing by
providing innovative technology, compatibility with all kinds of drones and a complete and
adaptable solution, while simultaneously positioning itself half the price of the market for this level of technology. Sequoia comprises two sensors: The multispectral sensor, which is similar to a camera comprising five sensors mounted underneath the drone, facing the
crops; and the sunshine sensor, which is positioned on the back of the drone, facing the sky.