Frequently Asked Questions - Chlorophyll Map

FAQs - Chlorophyll Map

Chlorophyll Map


  • detect chlorotic crops 
  • stress detection
  • identify vigorous, healthy crops 
  • estimate chlorophyll content 
  • estimate N content if you know that N is limiting 



The Chlorophyll Map is a layer that is less sensitive to leaf area than NDRE. This layer isolates the chlorophyll signal from variability in leaf area as a function of changes in canopy cover. It has a physiological basis which takes into account the relationship between canopy cover and canopy nutrient content.

The Chlorophyll Map is especially sensitive to well gathered and well calibrated data.  Non-plant pixels are excluded and shown as transparent, which in some cases results in plant pixels also being omitted.  This layer is less useful for row crops and more useful for vineyards and orchards, as the dense canopy is better at differentiating the Chlorophyll signal.


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